About "Be The Plan", CD released in October 2016:

The Phantom Tollbooth: "The album continues to get more and more interesting as it progresses and ends up being a solid soul/funk/jazz/gospel experiment…"

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Världen idag: "Another masterpiece"

Dagen: "An inspiring comment to what's going on in the world"

About "Christmas", CD released in November 2014:

Glowing Vibe: "It's never half measures with Praise Unit!"

Nerikes Allehanda: "Funky versions that can not be compared to anything!"

About "The Mission Field", CD released in September 2009:

Nerikes Allehanda (5 stars):
 "It's impossible to sit still while listening!" (5 stars) :
"They keep lining up excellent soul, funk, jazz, latin and gospel songs. 
The groove is what keeps the songs together!"

 "You can not listen too many times to these tracks!"
 "Lots of energy throughout the whole CD!"

"It's a pleasant listening experience!"

About "Whole", CD released in August 2006:

Smålandstidningen (5 stars):
 "A masterpiece!"

Nerikes Allehanda (4 stars):
 "This mixture of modern soul, funk and contemporary gospel is instantly

Sundsvalls tidning:
 "This is the succesful combination of Joakim's past as funk musician and
 gospel director!"

Trots allt:
 "Melodies and a groove that never disappoint you!"

About "The Whole Tour", DVD released in June 2008, recorded live in
 Minden, Germany:

 "It's incredibly fresh!"

"Simple, yet efficient coreography which is very inspiring!"

About "Classical gospel", the collaboration between Joakim Arenius, Praise
 Unit and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra:

Nerikes Allehanda (5 stars):
 "The merge of genres reaches impressing qualities!"

About "Eleven offers", CD compilation with songs written by Joakim Arenius 
and recorded by Joybells, Sarah Kelly, Praise Unit, German Gospel Choir
and others, released in May 2008:

Trons värld:
 "You have to surrender to the capacity of Arenius' songwriting and admit
 that this is the best gospel music of Sweden!"
 "There is only one problem. I want more!"